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Kou, The Content Creator



The What the Kou Experience: McDonald’s

Dear McDonald’s,

“Please, stop tryna play me. We was koo’ but YOU ARE DOING THE MOST!” (Emotional accent)

All I want is water to hydrate myself.


First Encounter:

I was feeling a bit parched as I drove to the drive-thru hoping that you would give me relief. Instead you shattered my heart and gave me water in a cup and charged me $1.08 for it. Did this water come from the tears of the great god of the Nile river, Sobek (to whom I read about on Google). Had it been filtered by the rays of the rising sun? Will it heal all my ailments and will my hair rise to touch the stars in the sky?

Was it the water which Jesus and Peter walked on or had it been pre-blessed? Was it the same water that Lapis Lazulis from Steven Universe tried to fly back to Homeworld with? Did it come from the beautiful shores of West Africa?

Second Encounter:

The other day, McDonald’s, I went to your store, again. My body yearned for hydration. One of your representatives informed me you only give out bottled water…

But McDonald’s, your water does do something miraculous. It transformed me, renewed me, and allowed me to be better than I was…


…it inspired me to carry around my own bottled water from home.




A Changed Woman,




Coffee in the Alternate Universe: Haley House Bakery Cafe

In the Summer of 2016 I ventured out for breakfast while in Boston.

Originally, I thought I was going to Dunkin Donuts, however, after misinterpreting a woman’s directions I found myself far from it. So, as any 20-something in 2016 would do, I turned to my GPS for guidance. I looked for a “mom and pop” shop unique to where I was. I clicked the name and I was well on my way.

I was impressed when I finally made it to Haley House Bakery Cafe. There was a large parking lot and plants were around the building.

The first thing I’ve noticed was that customer service started at the door. There was a woman sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette. She looked to be on break. She smiled, “Hello, how are you today?”

“I’m well,” I responded noticing how warm and contagious her smile was, “how are you?”

I walked into the coffee shop and took in the atmosphere. I’ve never been in a coffee shop where almost all the employees were people of color. This new world was filled with neo soul, posters of upcoming events, the aromas of coffee and pastries, and of course, overall good vibes.

I figured I could just get my personal favorites: a coffee cake muffin and a coffee.  It was my turn to order and the cashier was extremely polite. Before I requested my favorite breakfast item, I asked if anything contained nuts. The cashier warmed my heart by going to the back to speak with whoever prepared the food. She came back a few moments later to confirm that my coffee cake muffin was safe and another employee came to confirm. I ordered my breakfast in confidence. The coffee was nice, bold and flavorful- just how I like it.

$20 for a Small Pizza

I bubbled with excitement as I ran up to Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza on Friday. It was extremely crowded when I entered the foyer. I stood with several other people who looked as though they’ve been waiting for a while. I saw a woman with a clipboard at the door. She looked, seemingly, over my head at the outer door and back at the clipboard. A couple walked in and strolled by me. She welcomed them warmly. I stormed pass the three of them to a man in a burgundy Anthony’s Coal Fire Shirt. Once he was through speaking with one of the guest I got his attention, “Do you do takeout?”

“Of course we do,” his genuine excitement brought me back to a better mood, “Please, follow me!”

Sliding through the tight crowd of guests and employees he lead me to the back where they took takeout orders. The waitress who took my order was kind, patient and meant business. Not understanding the menu, I requested a small chicken and pepperoni pizza. It couldn’t be expensive could it?

“Twenty five, fifty,” she told me.

Twenty? I gave her my card in hopes that they would bring out a large pizza and I could say, “I actually ordered a small.”

I stood against the wall with other people who were waiting. The smell of alcohol mixed with, what I would guess, burning dough filled the air.

A young waitress walked up to us, the people waiting for their orders, and asked if we wanted water. She walked to the back and returned with glasses of ice water and straws. I was impressed. I knew that it had to be a long wait and I was in love with the idea that we were treated with the same hospitality as those who dined in.

Yet, I was still concerned about the price. I texted my friend who waited outside. He suggested that perhaps they were creating two pizzas instead of one. I marched right up to the takeout counter and asked for an itemized version of my receipt. I learned that it was “part specialized”, plus state and county tax.

I finally received my small box of pizza and met my friend in the car. When we opened the box we saw pepperoni thrown on on the flattened bread with bits of chicken here and there slapped with some grease and sauce. We took our slices. Parts of our crust were burnt and the chicken was unseasoned. Disappointed, I learned that store bought pizza was definitely better.

Overall, the service was good but the pizza- at least the one I had, was not worth the hype…but ESPECIALLY not the price.