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Kou, The Content Creator




You blast your music on Wednesday around 10 o’ clock at night.

But you helped me shovel my snow.

Neighbors. You drink too much and why are you shouting you heard gunshots? Are you not afraid to get shot, too?

Neighbors. You brought food by when you knew one of my family members were sick.

You brought beer by when you wanted to party.

Neighbors. I didn’t invite you over.

Neighbors. Please, shut up.

Neighbors. Went for a walk with my family so I have a real soft spot for you.

Neighbors. You came by when the ambulance came. When you saw us in black. When you saw me in a prom dress. When you saw us with packed bags and a smile on our faces. You always check on us.

Neighbors. But why does your dog bark every morning at the crack of dawn? WHERE IN THE HECK DID YOU GET A ROOSTER? WHY IS IT IN YOUR YARD? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY? NEIGHBORS?!?!?

Neighbors. Where are your baby’s clothes and why are they running in my front yard? Little Neighbor, don’t ask me to buy you ice cream! Where are your parents?

I see there is a “For Sale” sign up but we heard a while ago you were leaving. You planted a pretty garden with sunflowers, lettuce, tomatoes, and eggplants. My gosh, I will miss your faces.


Poetry Time: “Misty Eyes”

Eh Hem
Sorry I’m a little misty eyed
With a snotty nose
It’s this life that He chose
For me
Some days I feel like a can’t take it or will never make it
Sins on top of sin
Failings on top of failings
Some days it’s like I’m flying and sailing
But others
I’m just contemplating
Whether it is best to walk amongst the living
Or lay down and die
So I’m sorry
I’m a little misty eyed
With a snotty nose
It’s this life He chose
For me
The people I see
I think about them too much
GOD knows I’d rather not
Now with my nose full of snot
My mind fills with the beautiful memories
Which are nothing without the pain
I guess for everyone the story is the same
There’s the storms and hurricanes
Before the rainbows and the sunshines and the flowers
I guess its true
Everyone has their hour
When life, people, and world turns cold, mean and sour
And then that hour of love, life, laugher and joy comes
There remains the scar
Too fast, I say, the joy is gone too fast
That is why
I’m SO sorry I’m stand here misty eyed
With a snotty nose
It’s this life He chose
For me

Kou T. Nyan