Panera Bread and a Starbucks, Please!


A mini adventure to Panera deserves a treat

The past few days I’ve been thinking about how much some of my family members make me laugh. As I write, I’m sitting in Panera Bread enjoying this fabulous free wifi. I was really hungry and I currently “don’t know what to do with my life”. As much as I fronted in all my meetings today it became more than obvious that this young woman is extremely promising but she is still looking for direction.

But as I watched YouTube videos of how people planned their big dreams and ideas I felt the inspiration to write- just because someone wrote to me saying that they loved my blog posts. Immediately, I looked around and my youngest niece popped into my mind.

This summer a friend of mine and my niece were in the car. My friend tells her that he imagines me meeting my husband at Starbucks. He described him to be a white poet trying to pay for grad school. I laugh because he would not let this image go! I call out to my niece to ask her what she thinks.

She says she’s not sure but imagines that I would meet my future husband at a place I don’t often go.

“But Kou doesn’t normally go to Starbucks,” my friend said still sold on the white poet idea.

“I do,” I protested. I mention about how I normally go to places like Starbucks and Panera to have a little space to do my job search, career planning, etc. “I just try not to buy food from those places.”

“See Kou,” my niece began after a quick pause, “Would only buy something if she had to.” She began to pretend to be me in a situation where I’m enjoying the free wifi and suddenly told by one of the employees that I needed to make a purchase. She started to mutter under her breath and pretended to shuffle through her pockets and purse, then grunts (I guess as she was giving the cashier the money and taking the item).

I laughed hard. I could imagine myself behaving in that way and justifying my attitude with, “’cause times is hahd.”

So the next time you’re in a funk at Panera or Starbucks, think of how you look when you are forced to buy something in order to enjoy a “free” bathroom or wifi.

Review on #DanceOnJamesBay

James Bay- Let it Go- Dance | A Break Up Story #DanceOnJamesBay


I’m so amped to have finally been able to share this amazing video with you all!!!! I didn’t create it but when you see it, you will know why I wish I did!

I mentioned in a blog post almost a year ago about a man who told me that music is the highest form of communication. Now I see one way of communicating is through storytelling. As I continued my love for listening and watching music videos on YouTube (my favorite social site) I stumbled upon a video that touched my soul. It’s titled “James Bay- Let it Go- Dance | A Break Up Story #DanceOnJamesBay”.

It was the beginning of December while I was in my car when this song eased into my heart. So imagine how much more when I saw this video!

The video starts off with a couple on a flipped over couch. Before they even began to dance the scene helped viewers understand the potential nature of the song. The room is a disarray and almost empty. The only light actually seen in the video is shining through the window. But even that was covered with a smoky haze.

We are also given an opportunity to take everything in: Where they are, who they could be, and the look of what could be their apartment. Then we cut to their backs against a wall between them and the music begins. We understand that there is a rift between the couple.

Another favorite part of mine was still at the beginning when the man appears from behind that wall and steps next to the woman. “…and talking loads…” James Bay sings as the man and woman pose next to each other and open their mouths.

I was astonished by how much the dance communicated a couple who is starting to learn that perhaps it’s best to be a part. The man turns on the woman and she punches him repeatedly in the back. “…try to fit your hand inside of mine, knowing that it just don’t belong…” James Bay sings as the couple grab for one another’s arms on beat but although they are holding on to one another they keep coming apart.

Finally she jumps on him but they never quite embrace.

I would have to say that this video made me fall in love with the song more than ever before. And this is what I love, how different art forms come together to beautifully tell a story that you thought you knew.