Have you ever been so excited for someone you are inspired to get started on those projects you’ve procrastinated on? Oh yes! I’m so guilty! I began working on my site which will showcase my drawings, photos and writing! I’m excited! I haven’t set up a launch date but I hope for everything to be ready by early February! This portfolio/site stuff is not easy!

I’m not sure why we are so caught up in perfection or “the right time” or laziness or inadequacy. It leads us to where we don’t want or have to be!

Okay now since I’ve been gone (mostly because of the previous things listed) I’ve tried to pick up reading again. The book of the month is called “The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence” by Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros. I found this book in an article I read in Relevant Magazine about social justice books to read. So far this book is quite a great read! The text is not complex or over your head. The author uses personal stories of people who lived in poverty in developing countries such as Peru and Kenya.

The stories that stuck out were about the little girl who was raped and killed at her brothers graduation party and a little girl who was raped by her father every night and no one did anything because it was a “family matter”. These stories jumped out the pages and encouraged me to understand that poverty is more than disease, hunger and no money but it also meant for many, no protection from the prowling animal, violence. But I must confessed this book has more than 300 pages and I’m on page 32. Also..the book is due in eight days…