What is the point of these thoughts that run through my mind
Imagine he sees me and tells me
“You’re nothing but a beautiful curse
Here is what’s woRse
Your beautiful smile
That spirit
but I call it fake”
Words hurts so much
That I would much rather not see you
No words, no eyes, nothing
That scares me most
Or maybe I didn’t go to the bathroom so I’m terrified to go
When I see you
Then I know you will smell my fear
Oh dear
I prayed to God to see you again
Tell you that I’m sorry
Like a grown woman should and would
But forget it God
Oh wait oh forget that I will forget God
Then I told myself I shouldn’t fear because I have The Lord
The Lord
The Lord
Oh Lord
Don’t let me see him again…
until it’s in your time
And I will apologize like a grown woman should and would
If you remind me
Remind me not to think of him saying
“You’re nothing but a beautiful curse”
Or worse
He ignores me
I guess like how he ignores You, oh Lord…

Remembering Rwanda

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide

April 7 has been recognized by the United Nations as the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide.

Those “100 days of Slaughter”, as described by BBC News happened in 1994. About 800, 00 0 people were killed. According to the Human Right’s Council the country had three ethnic groups: Hutu (85%), Tutsi (14%) and Twa. The Tusti was the dominate group in Rwanda. Hutu extremists blamed the Tusti for the economic, social and political pressures. The extremists targeted the community.

The United States was criticized for not doing much to stop the genocide. Rather some politicians tried to avoid using the word genocide and others claimed that the United States didn’t know. For more information about this topic please visit the following websites:

Be a part of the Reflection:

Criticism of U.S.