I think she saw Him; her first love
SO she ran to the light to find Him
To rest with Him

She walked with Him all her life, till the end of her life
She thought of and wanted Him
She loved Him so much, perhaps outsiders would say too much
She loved Him so much they became One and everyone knew that
And her eyes screamed victory is won.

I think she saw Him stretching out His hand
Saying, “Come my love, that life is now an end. Live with me and experience deeper joy. Even deeper than the joy you felt when you first met me.
Rid your burdens; rid your pain.
You have done a good work on earth in My Name.”
So she ran to Him, leaving everything behind family, friends, ministry and her body. Her soul was freed and embraced Him deeply

I think she saw Him standing in the Light
Telling her everything and everyone will be all right
She spent her life walking with Him
She will continue to do so in the next

We sit with the news of her depart
I can’t say it didn’t tug at my heart
Mixed emotions played a part as I thought about her seed and all she left behind
But I know we will see her again
Wearing white and smiling again
Brightening up the space as she always had
I am happy she’s free and she’s glad

Last night as I drifted to sleep I whispered her name
Saying, “I will see you again, one day.”

Kou T. Nyan