Why am I taking FLM 351?


Hey everyone!

Welcome to my first blog on WordPress, which is currently dedicated to my film course “Summer Shorts and Vlogging”. The plan is that when I complete the course I can dedicate it to something different instead of allowing it to disappear into thin air.

Now I know I briefly talked about the reasons I’m taking this class in class but allow me to elaborate. I am a senior expected to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism and minors in African American Studies and Communications this August. That means I was able to cross the stage, smile at people and cameras, go out to eat, say final good-byes, rock a cute tea-cup dress covered by a black gown, sit for over five hours all while remembering “Three more classes, three more classes…I need to get a job!”

In September 2012 I learned that the second major I was trying to take wouldn’t work (if you ask I will tell you in detail) therefore I dropped it. I wasn’t passionate about it anyway. I wanted so bad to graduate as soon as I could! However, dropping the second major left me with five more credits for the 300+ courses and a lab science to complete. Doing the math, I understood that that would mean I could cross the stage but wait a little longer to touch my diploma.

So I had only five credits left but to fulfill them I decided to take one three credits and this film course which is four credits. Now why did I insist on making my life more difficult? Please proceed reading…

Well as I mentioned earlier, I am a journalism major. So perhaps that should give you some insight of my personality. I love to learn! I love new information! So I’m taking a Men and Masculinity course. Sounds interesting? Of course! But since this blog is about film I will not talk too much about it.

I originally wanted to minor in film because I really like movies and I also know that understanding how to work with video and all that relates would be good on my resume, be a nice back-up when looking for work, and also A LOT of fun. However, this could not happen because along with the unnamed and dropped major I found it better to just graduate as soon as I could. But thank God (oh yes, I am quite religious or spiritual- Jesus is my Savior, ya’ll) I was able to take FLM 351- Summer Shorts and Vlogging to hone my skills in film production.

Now we’ve already had our first two classes so I will keep this up to date!

God bless!

Peace (and Chicken grease…will clog your arteries!)